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  Software New! TSSA Forms Online Software (Blue Moon)
Revolutionize Your Business with TSSA Forms Software by Blue Moon…The simple solution for accurate, complete, professional TSSA rental agreements and forms. 
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  1-12-2 2 Part Rental Agreement (100 Pack)
Famous across the country for its comprehensive protection for self-storage operators, the copyrighted TSSA self-storage lease agreement now comes in a special boat and vehicle version as well. 
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1-12-2-50 2 Part Rental Agreement (50 Pack)  $18 Add to cart
    1-12-2-25  2 Part Rental Agreement (25 Pack)  $10 Add to cart
  1V-12 Vehicle/Trailer/Boat Rental Agreement (100 Pack)   $35 Add to cart
  1V-12-50 Vehicle/Trailer/Boat Rental Agreement (50 Pack)  $20 Add to cart
  1V-12-25 Vehicle/Trailer/Boat Rental Agreement (25 Pack)  $12 Add to cart
    SP-12 Spanish Version of Rental Agreement  $50 Add to cart
  2-12 Change of Address, Phone, etc.
Gives tenants an official form to use in order to change their address and contact information. 
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  3-09 Move-out Notice from Tenant
Gives tenants an official form to use in order to give you notice of the tenant’s desire to terminate the lease and move out of the storage facility.
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5-09 Authorization/Release by Tenant
The Authorization and Release by Tenant form gives you a document which you can rely on, that the tenant can sign and return to you, in which the tenant authorizes a variety of things.
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  7-12 Notice of Claim
Use this form is to comply with the requirements of section 59.043 of the Property Code.
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    8-12 Notice of Public Sale
Notify the tenants in a consistent format, of the time, date, and place of a Chapter 59 foreclosure sale of the tenant’s unit contents.
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  12-12 Information for Rental
Allows you to obtain more information from the tenant, which you may need, than you would obtain if you just filled out the lease.
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Manual Current TSSA Goldbook
This indispensable TSSA legal reference is published every other year when it is updated following the Texas Legislative session. The TSSA Goldbook©, developed by Niemann & Heyer, LLC, is a compilation of state and federal statutes, forms and legal articles that affect the self-storage industry.
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Plaque Membership Plaque
Membership in TSSA increases your credibility with customers and this plaque lets them know that you are part of a professional industry.
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  Brochures TSSA Consumer Guide Brochure
A handy full-color folded brochure, printed on glossy paper, the guide supplies information on the lease agreement, storage tips and general guidelines for storing items.
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  Manual TSSA Operations Manual
The 66-page reference book covers everything from move-in policies to emergency situations. It’s packaged in a three-ring binder, allowing for updates and additions, and comes with a CD ROM, which includes the Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word versions as well as an appendix of handy tenant-related forms.
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TSSA Membership Mailing List
Excel spreadsheet of TSSA members.Once a mailing list has been purchased, additional current lists can be purchased at $50 each. Contact TSSA administrative assistant at info@txssa.org
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