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Finding Time for the Things that Matter

May 21, 2015

TSSA 2014-2015 Board of Directors
Underestimate the Contribution You Can Make Volunteering on the TSSA Board
by Amy Nolan

We are only one-third of the way through the year and we have already had an action-packed year. We’ve held two legal seminars and more than 17 education luncheons across the state. Not bad for such a short time, but the best is yet to come. In addition to approximately 25 more luncheons, webinars, and podcasts to be produced, we are very excited about this year’s Executive Retreat on June 17 – 18, followed by the annual Big Ideas in Storage Conference in San Antonio on September 27 – 29.

As a board member I would love to take all the kudos for putting on these wonderful events and let everyone think that we put in countless hours making all of this happen, but that would be a lie. We provide the guidance and assistance, but the backbone of this organization is truly our wonderful staff. They provide the consistency from year to year to keep things moving forward.

I remember someone first suggesting to me that I run for the board 11 years ago. I emphatically said no because I just didn’t think I had the time. One thing I have learned in life is that we always find time for the things that matter. I am thankful that six years ago I decided that TSSA mattered to me and I decided to put my name in the hat. What a reward­ing experience it has been serving on the board for the past six years! The people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet and mentor have often led me on a journey where I learn as much, or more, as they do. I’ve seen the faces sitting across from me at the board meetings change each year, but every one of them has had an impact on both my business and me personally. They are an incredible group of people with so much to offer.

When I first joined this board I wondered how I could possibly have anything to offer to such an incredibly knowl­edgeable group of people. I quickly learned that we all have different experiences and perspectives, and those are critical in representing the different types of members we have from across this very large state. I discovered that my opinion as an independent operator not only mattered, but was also important.

I hope that as we continue looking for new leaders to move us forward, you will consider making TSSA important to you this year and don’t underestimate the contribution you can make to the association. The diversity in our back­grounds is what makes this board special and allows our association to continue to thrive.

I often wonder what those founders were thinking when they sat down 28 years ago and came up with the crazy idea of starting an association specifically for the State of Texas. I wonder if they could have ever imagined where we would be today as the Texas Self Storage Association. I am thankful that they did, and I hope that each one of you will consider giving back to the association that has been so beneficial to our industry.

Note: The deadline for board nominations is May 30. You may nominate someone you know is ready to step into a leadership role (yes, you may nominate yourself!)  Send an email to Ginny Sutton.


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