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On the Spot: Best Strategies on Closing the Sale

May 25, 2015
We asked two TSSA members to share their tips on, "How to get a potential customer to visit your facility? What is your best strategy for closing the sale?"

Angela Vaughn, Amazing Spaces

In my five years at Amazing Spaces, I have learned that our industry is particularly challenging because most of our customers come to us during a stressful time in their lives. A majority of customers call first, which makes the phone a power­ful tool; it can make or break a sale. At Amazing Spaces, we believe that having a phone script is important. Phone scripts help organize and provide consistency for every phone call. I encourage every one of our employees to listen to customers’ needs and to be considerate. We don’t know what situation the customer is facing. However, if we can make their day better by providing superior customer service, then we have made an impact. Once the phone conversation is over, it’s important to invite every customer to visit your facility. The key is to make a great first impres­sion, be professional, friendly, and build trust with your customer.

Our best strategy for closing a sale involves tailoring the sale to the customer’s needs. Everyone communicates in a different way. Some people prefer straight facts, while others just want you to be their friend. One sales tactic that always helps me is to create a sense of urgency to rent the space, such as: limited size availability, current promotions and/or pricing, and rental truck availability. I also find ways to follow-up with the customer. Consistently following-up is key; it’s important to get the customer’s name, phone number, and email. The ultimate goal of a fol­low-up is to create a customer visit. Always remember that we are here to provide a service to these individuals. It is up to us to make sure that their storage experience is as positive as possible.

Angela Vaughn, Senior Manager and Trainer
Amazing Spaces Storage Centers, The Woodlands

The next posting will share the next TSSA member asked to share tips on closing the sale.


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