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Proud to be a Texan; Getting Out the Vote

Jul 24, 2015

by Amy Nolan, TSSA President

I hope you are as excited about the new Self-Storage News magazine as I am.  Like many of you I am a born and raised Texan.  If you are too, you understand the pride that swells in my heart anytime someone is talking about my great state.  This same pride leaves me wondering why EVERYONE would not be looking for an excuse to move to Texas.  Therefore I am not really surprised by the fact that Texas has seen such a large influx of people coming in from other states. 


It’s amazing how much development has changed over the last 20 years.  Everything from the requirements the cities have for construction to our own preferences for sites and layouts.  Has anyone else noticed how beautiful the newest projects are?   Offices have grown both in size and appearance.  They are no longer a 10’x10’ with a desk and a couple of chairs where you can rent a unit and collect money.  Many new facilities have warm and inviting sales offices with massive merchandise displays.  The bar has definitely been raised in this industry.


Please don’t forget that board election time is upon us.  In previous years our voting participation has been minimal at best, yet members continue to tell us that it’s important that they have a say in who represents them.  I know that this association has been crucial to my business and I believe it has been for many others.  Please take the time to vote.  It should take you less then 10 minutes to read the resumes of the candidates and cast your vote.   There are some amazing candidates this time who are willing to volunteer their time to serve on the board.  We realize that not every member has time to serve right now, but hopefully you can at least take 10 minutes to help elect someone who will best represent your interests on the board.

Voting ends July 30.


Amy Nolan, CVO (Chief Volunteer Officer)