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Thank You for Your Service

Nov 09, 2016

Thank you to Matt Scardino, co-owner of Bulldog Builders and Contractors LLC for his service in the U.S. Marines and for sharing his story.

My name is Matt Scardino and I’m a Marine Corps Veteran. I grew up in Houston and spent many summers with my grandfather at our family ranch in Navasota in the great outdoors. Both of my grandfathers were WWII Vets whose stories inspired me to enlist.

I signed up at age 17 and entered boot camp at 18 in 2001. I was on the rifle range at Camp Pendleton the day the Twin Towers fell. I knew instantly that all of the stories my recruiter told me about living the dream in San Diego with two quick easy deployments to Japan would not happen for me. Instead, I flashed back to scenes of my younger brother and myself dressed in camo as children, wearing Spytech gear and pretending to be in the military. That would now become a reality for me, and I was ready! 

I graduated as Company Honorman out of 960 Marines and received the award for company high shooter. I served as a helicopter mechanic and aerial observer on the CH-53 Echo. We directly supported the Marine infantry and did everything from dropping off supplies and troops to picking up insurgents in a hot zone and flying them back to base for interrogations. I spent 38 months overseas during my five-year enlistment, serving one tour in Japan and three tours in Iraq. I moved up the ranks quickly and pinned on sergeant in three years. 

My most memorable experience was during my last deployment. My unit flew me to Ballad, Iraq for Christmas to spend three days with my sister and brother-in-law, who were U.S. Army Officers. Their base was mortared badly while I was there and the return to my base was delayed three days. Shortly after returning to my base, my brother (by then a Marine himself) arrived with his helicopter squadron, another childhood moment of us serving together becoming a reality. We spent an entire month together in a combat zone where we experienced mortar rounds exploding on base.

I am blessed that both my brother, sister, my sister’s husband and I, who were all in Iraq at the same time, returned home safely!

Today I am co-owner of Bulldog Builders and Contractors LLC, a service-disabled veteran-owned company. I enjoy bringing Marine integrity and meticulous attention to detail to our customers. Providing impeccable service to our clients brings me great satisfaction. I felt that joining TSSA was a great fit for Bulldog Builders and Contractors. We serve all of Texas, specializing in roofing and construction, sheet metal building and fabricating. We are highly skilled in catastrophic damage claims. I look forward to building relationships with TSSA members!

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